Don't miss changing your life just because you don't already skate--we can change that.

We do our very best to offer a 'No bump--No bruise' style of lesson.  We break down each piece of the basics so you can learn without ever getting hurt. (as best as we can at least--you can get hurt walking so we can't guarantee everything.)  Skating becomes a lifestyle of expressing your emotions through balance and athleticism and style.  We want every kid to have the chance to express themselves in this amazing activity of skating.  

Our progession is:

--Learn your stance

--Learn to push

--Learn to turn

--Learn to ride a ramp

--Learn to ollie (jump with your board)

--Begin finding your style

So get your kid out for some lessons and you won't be dissapointed.  


Lesson Schedule

We offer two seasons of group lessons per year. Exact dates and times vary per season, but they generally run from August - September, and February - March, always ending right before our Skate League seasons begin (which is like group lessons paired team competitions), you can check out more details about skate league in the skate league tab. Group lessons prices work out to $10 per week but we offer sign ups for each whole season as a package, so prices will vary slighly depending on the number of weeks in a season. When we are approaching a lesson season we will have exact dates, times, and a link to sign up here

Beyond group lessons, we always offer private lessons by appointment for any skill level, throughout the year for $20 per 30 minutes, $30 per 45 minutes, or $40 per 60 minutes. You can contact us by email or phone if you would like to set that up!

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