Skateboard Game Rules

Individual Runs:

  • Each participant will be given 60 seconds for a run.
  • They may skate any obstacle in the park EXCLUDING HALFPIPE.
  • The run time will start when the participant decides to start from anywhere in the park.
  • Each participant will be given 2 runs and then a chance to land their best trick.  

Team Runs:

  • Each team will have 5 participants and an assistant coach who will all skate for their team.
  • The game will have participants alternating between teams.  i.e. Participant 1 from team 1 will skate then participant 1 from team 2.  Then participant 2 from team 1 and participant 2 from team 2, etc.  The assistant coach will skate last for the team.  This will make up one round.
  • Each game will have 3 rounds. The 3rd round will be a chance for each skater to attempt their best trick.  They will get 3 attempts to land their best trick.
  • If a team has more participants than the other team, the additional participants scores will be averaged together in order to create one score for the additional participants.


  • To score a trick, you must ride away with both feet on the board.
  • If you are trying a different trick then what you landed, you will be scored for the trick you rode away with.
  • You can only get points for one trick a total of 5 times in any individual run.  i.e. You will get scored for the first 5 ollies you do but you will not get any score for any ollies over 5 for the run you are doing.

The team with the most points after 3 rounds.
In case of a tie we will cheer like everyone won.