We are blessed to have a dedicated team of staff passionate about serving our local youth.

  • For general inquiries, please call our main office at (970)353-1237
  • For specific questions, please see the staff directory below

Meet our Staff

  • Jeff Neel
    I have been working with NCYFC since 2001 and have found my passion here.  I desire to break down barriers put up by the world's perspective of Jesus so kids and their families can experience the real Jesus.  I love God, my wife Becca, my daughters Acadia & Wislande, and board sports in that order.  The beeest (with a Nacho Libre accent) is when those four things all come together in one day--man what a great time.

  • Alec Street
    Alec was called back to Greeley where he grew up, after two years away in Australia. Immediately he poured into the ministry and kids who are a part of it, and that has continued since he joined in 2016. He is invaluable as someone who is always considering himself far last after everyone else, and demonstrates that every day making himself available for anything and everything. Alec lives the servant heart of Jesus, and consequenlty His love for everyone, particularly the students involved here.  

  • Ryan Behl
    Ryan has been working with us since 2013. First as a participant, then as a leader, and since then been on as staff. Ryan has found an incredible place in the hearts of many of our kids which gives him a great opportunity to encourage, speak truth, and mentor these young men. He loves opportunities to work with his wife Emma, who is also passionate about reaching those in Greeley who have been overlooked and outcast. 

  • Nigel Kucera

    Nigel began skating here for a couple years before God called him out of other work directly into skate ministry. He started volunteering 5 days a week, practically being on staff, until officially joining as of summer 2019. He is incredibly naturally gifted at encouraging kids, teaching them, making them feel valued, and going all in on whatever he does. He is a blessing to the team and so many kids that his life is shared with.