Hours & Cost

When sessions are happening

The best source for up to date information is in the link below where you can see sessions that are offered and sign up to reserve a spot if you'd like.

- You don't have to sign up ahead of time but if you do it ensures you get a spot, as were are limited to the number of people we can have in a session.

- The sessions are also broken down by age; we are mostly offering sessions to those who are 19 and younger, you can see breakdowns of each session age in the sign up. 

- There is no cost for the sessions, instead each is combined with a talk time/conversation about a spritual topic; there is no expectation that you agree with what is said, just an openness to be present for the talk time. 

- The sign ups are usually posted each weekend for the upcoming week.  

Sign up and Sessions link here


Safety Requirements: If you sign up for a session please be prepared for these precautions 

1. Wear a mask 
2. Practice social distancing while in the building 
3. Temperature scan
4. Have our newest waiver filled out (since June 2020) click here to complete the new waiver
5. Wear a helmet (we have helmets available for use)