Our lessons offer a much safer, directed, and faster learning experience than learning on your own

Whether private or group lessons, we tailor what's taught to the need of the particpants. If you've never stepped on a board before, or if you've skated for years, we can help you improve. We do our very best to offer a 'No bump - No bruise' style of lesson, breaking down each piece of the basics so you can push yourself without nearly as much risk of getting hurt. 



COVID - Because of COVID, normal lessons operations aren't possible, but we are working with alternatives right now, contact us for the latest updates and potential options.

Group lessons - During normal operations we offer two seasons per year. Exact dates and times vary per season, but they generally run from August - September, and February - March, always ending right before our Skate League seasons begin (which is like group lessons paired team competitions; you can check out more details about skate league in the skate league tab). When we are approaching a lesson season we will have exact dates, times, and a link to sign up here.

Private lessons - We offer Private lessons by appointment throughout the year, they are complicated because of COVID, but contact us for info if you are interested.



Group lessons -  $10 per week, or we offer sign ups for a whole lesson-season as a package, but prices will vary slighly depending on the number of weeks in that season. 

Private lessons - For any skill level, throughout the year for $20 per 30 minutes, $30 per 45 minutes, or $40 per 60 minutes. You can contact us by email or phone to get the latest info.



Ryan Behl


[email protected]


Alec Street


[email protected]



Lessons for beginners

- Standing on a board

- Pushing and turning

- Basic flatground tricks (tic tacs, kickturns, hippie jumps, manuals, cavemans…)

- Riding beginner ramps

- Ollieing 

- Dropping in 

- Ride-on grinds


Lessons for intermediate

- Improving ollies

- Riding intermediate-advanced ramps

- Intermediate flatground tricks (pop shuvits, 180’s, kickflips, heelflips, fakie bigspins...)

- Intermediate halfpipe tricks (pivots, rock to fakies, axle stalls, pop tarts, nose stalls...)

- Basic grinds (fs/bs boardslides, fs/bs 50-50s, noseslides, 5-0s…)

- Tricks off of obstacles


Lessons for advanced

- Advanced flatground tricks (180 kickflip/heelflips, fullcabs, 360 flips, hardflips, switch…)

- Advanced halfpipe tricks (disasters, tail stalls, crooked stalls, flip trick stalls, blunt stalls, airs…) 

- Intermediate-advanced grinds (feebles, smiths, lipslides, tailslides, nosegrinds, crooks...)

- Advanced obstacles (large stairs, downrails, vert ramps…