Skate League

Teaching families the activity of skateboarding

Our skate league will build a love for skateboarding with families that have had little to no experience with the sport.  We emphasis learning the basics, encouragment, and developing your own style.  You will be able to walk into this league with no previous experience and walk away knowing how skateboarding can be part of your families life.

October 16 - November 22

Team ages: 8-12
Assistant coaches: 13-18

Practice starts October 16.  
First game October 18
Gives us 6 games and we will end before the crazy busy season of Christmas

Price: $60 per kid
Each participant will receive a t-shirt and 6 coached practices and 6 games.

A release form will be required to be signed by a legal guardian and all kids are required to wear a helmet.

Practice days: Competitive--Tuesdays Recreation--Tuesdays
Practice times: Competitive--6-7/Recreation--4-5 or 5-6

We are continuing our competitive team this season.  You will have to qualify for this team by scoring over a 150 raw score.  This can either be from a previous season or you can come into the park and attempt to qualify while we are open (but not on a Friday.)  This team will be practicing on Tuesdays from 6-7.

Game day: Thursday Nights 4-5 or 5-6 or 6-7

Loaner boards will be available during practice times and game times only.

You can request signup for a specific coach or time slot for practices or teammates. While we will do our best to accommodate all of these requests, we can't guarantee any requests will be met.

What will be taught at practice:
--Good sportsmanship
--Basic skateboarding skills
     --board parts and names
     --how to stand on board
     --how to push
     --how to steer
     --how to ride on ramps
     --how to Ollie
     --how to find your style and advance.
--How to play the game
--Understanding skateboarding culture
--Work ethic
--Team work

What is expected of parents:
--Only cheer in a positive way for your kids at games. If you feel you can help improve their skating with some coaching, we ask that you don't do this coaching at the game.
--Don't cheer against the other team.
--Don't distract the scorekeepers during the game. This is a VERY involved process and requires their full attention.
--Be respectful to the coaches as they are doing their best to enrich your child's life.
--Please address any potential grievances to Jeff Neel NOT on a Saturday or during a practice. ([email protected])
--Be flexible. This is our first league. We have done extensive development of this game, but no one in the country is doing this yet. We are forging new ground and as such are guaranteed to have some flaws. We will tirelessly work on these to make this the best possible team and skateboarding experience your family will get to have.

Game Rules

Please address any questions to Jeff Neel.

[email protected]

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